2017 marks the 60th year of Xavier School in nurturing young boys here in the metro. As part of the celebration, the school organized a fundraising event for the benefit of Educational Research and Development Assistance (Erda) Foundation, Inc. scholars.

Everyone at the football field of Xavier School in San Juan on the 24th of January morning gathered with excitement and thrill on the event ahead of them. The Family Stallion Run was sponsored by Xavier Parents Auxiliary, Alumni Association of Xavier School, Xavier School Batch ’86 Men for Others Foundation, and other various event sponsors such as the Lite Xpress International Inc.

The run started at 6 a.m. occupying the nearby vicinity for the 3k, 5k, and 10k distance. After such, laughter and fun were shared within the XS community as the participants, together with some of our employees, enjoyed the freebies from the sponsors. LXII gladly gave away freebies for the participants and attended the inquiries from them.


Our venture and support with XS was indeed a success!

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